Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This. Just This.

"God loves us
This is not a general rule to which you, personally, may be an exception. 
It is not a conditional rule that applies only when you are good, pure, and lovable. 
God's passionate and personal love for each and every human being expresses who God is.  Unfailing love is the divine nature and the divine choice in relation to us. 
God loves us with an overwhelming love that none of our sins can erase.  While we can grieve and disappoint this love, nothing we do or fail to do can alter its depth or reality. 
It is a gift, a given. 
We cannot control whether God loves us by efforts to gain this love or even to lose it. 
Since we neither deserve nor earn such love, God's fondest dream is that we will receive and respond to it."
from Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life, by Marjorie J. Thompson


  1. Short, simple, and so beautiful.

  2. Apparently if I want to leave a comment here, I'm Daisy instead of Mom or Anne!


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