Books for the Journey

Is it strange that I am showing you my bookcase full of books related to spirituality and religion? 

When I go to people's houses, I love to look at their bookshelves, and I always hope that I'm not being too intrusive when I study their collections.

When I was blogging about art and crafting, my blogging friends and I would often show off our bookcases full of crafting books, and then we would zoom in to look at the titles in each other's photos to see which books we already had and which ones we wanted to purchase next.

So, in that same spirit, I thought I'd show this photo of the bedroom bookcase that holds most of my religion books, minus Bibles and Bible study books.  Once I start writing more about the spiritual disciplines I've been studying, you'll see that many of these books have been not just in my bookcase, but in heavy rotation around my favorite reading spots throughout the house.

I've been trying diligently to access more books from my public and church libraries, in order to limit "book spread." But that will never mean that I'm opposed to adding to my collection!  What titles should I be looking for to add to my collection here, or to check out once we're all back to the library?

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